Get to know the epididymis and diseases that can accompany it

The epididymis is a channel in the scrotum that attaches to the back of the testis. The epididymis has the main function of transporting and storing sperm produced by the testes. In its structure, the epididymis consists of the head (head), corpus (body), cauda (tail). The head of the epididymis functions as a place to store sperm. The body of the epididymis acts as a place for sperm maturation, usually sperm maturation takes about one week. Finally, the epididymis tail, which is responsible for delivering sperm into the ejaculatory ducts. Various Kinds of Epididymic Disease There are various diseases that can attack the epididymis, some of which are: Epididymitis Epididymitis is an epididymal inflammation caused by bacterial infections or sexually transmitted diseases. This condition can occur in men of any age, but generally in men aged between 14 to 35 years. Most epididymitis is caused by prostate infection. However, this condition can also occur due to the influence of
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